Production services


A design company with focus on complete fabrication capabilities. With our production services you will benefit from our innovative approach to combining advanced materials with modern 3D modeling and 3D milling technologies. We start with product design and shape development and finish with concrete batching and casting for complete product delivery. We use our know-how for producing innovative UHPC concrete precast products and always push boundaries for the best technological solutions for your business advantage.

service design 3d modeling


Communicating design ideas and developing new products.

Developing a successful product and bringing it to market is more complicated than ever. We have the in-house staff to get your project started going all the way from product strategy and design to engineering and prototyping. We rely on 3D modeling software  and can produce 3D assets that reflect your vision and will make your production stand out from the rest. We can develop custom models from sketch, image or welcome our customers sending their own 3D models to speed up the product development process. Our clients specify the function and the requirements and we effectively translate them into 3D models of the highest standard.

sns milling


CNC milling for prototyping and constructing complex UHPC casting molds.

A solution for large scale prototyping for molding architectural parts needs a large format machining system capable of handling a 5-axis CNC process.  Our 5 axis milling system is capable of milling blocks as large as 2400mmx1220mmx500mm, with the ability to machine smaller more detailed sculpture type pieces. Milling is accurate capable for different material hardnesses, moving between foam, wood, fiberglass, composites, etc. When machining detailed full 3D type concepts, milling is used to apply a machined surface finish on plastic for creating complex 3D shapes. We use 5-axis CNC machine centers with quick-change tooling, programmed using advanced CAM software. A block of either foam or plastic is loaded into the mill based on your specifications along with the proper cutters. The machine then rapidly mills your parts out of the block in a subtractive manufacturing process of 5-axis milling from up to six orthogonal sides.

advancexd molding


Complex moldmaking based on advanced 3D designs.

Complex 3D molds for concrete casting is our core focus. We use 3D modeling first to realize the product concept and use 5-axis CNC machinery to mill out the necessary mold parts. We cast mold parts using silicones and polyurethanes with various stiffnesses to fulfill molding requirements and allow complex mold shapes. We specialize in serial production molds hence keeping costs down while ensuring strict quality continuation and precision through the mold life cycle is of the utmost importance.

uhpc batching casting


Taking your idea from concept to a finished product.

Complete in-house concrete batching and casting production line allows us to fabricate a product fast and completely control the whole product development process from start to finish. We use advanced ultra high performance concretes (UHPC) in all our product developments and consider the characteristics of this special material in all our production phases.

UHPC is a high-strength, ductile material formulated by combining portland cement, silica fume, quartz flour, fine silica sand, high-range water reducer, water, and steel or organic fibers. The superior durability characteristics are due to a combination of fine powders selected for their grain size and chemical reactivity. The net effect is a maximum compactness and a small, disconnected pore structure. 

The following is an example of the range of material characteristics for UHPC:

Compressive strength: 120 to 150 MPa (17,000 to 22,000 psi)

Flexural strength: 15 to 25 MPa (2200 to 3600 psi)

Modulus of Elasticity: 45 to 50 GPa (6500 to 7300 ksi)